What We Do

“At American Newspaper Solutions, we are helping reinvent American newspaper distribution through improved delivery, circulation and marketing support services.”

Headquartered in Oxford, Michigan, American Newspaper Solutions (ANS) is a technology-driven distribution company serving the print media industry, providing market-leading expertise in Total Market Coverage (TMC) and the ability to enhance circulation divisions at daily newspapers,Home Delivery networks and Sunday Select distribution programs.

From great metropolitan dailies to weekly community newspapers, the American newspaper remains a vital cog of daily life, bringing us news, opinions, features, advertising and valuable consumer information. We read by habit. Thus, the distribution networks maintained by these newspapers are a tremendous conduit for advertising material of all types, including separate Total Market Coverage (TMC) deliverables.

However, in an era of strained resources, the delivery and circulation services of many print media companies remain inefficient; often times antiquated. Obsolete systems incur unnecessary costs, waste valuable resources, hamper customer service and miss out on advertising and co-marketing opportunities.

Responsible for the delivery of millions of print pieces on a weekly basis, ANS has developed a system of efficient product distribution and the ability to report real time delivery. Utilizing our proprietary Carrier Track ® technology developed by partner company Agile Geo Data, ANS offers real time delivery tracking and reporting to its clients, including address by address time of delivery and real time photo verification comprising a complete delivery history.

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