How and Why We Do It

ANS – The Service and Technology You Expect; Results that Drive Greater Profitability and Customer Satisfaction

  • Customized and Turnkey Solutions.
  • State-of-the-Art Marketing and Distribution Logistics.
  • Proprietary Carrier Track® technology.

Our services include:

Newspaper Circulation

American Newspaper Solutions (ANS) provides delivery, and real time tracking, photo verification and reporting of Total Market Coverage (TMC) print materials and daily newspapers.

We are partnering with newspaper publishers to improve and enhance their circulation divisions. These services include everything from delivery route assessment and sequencing to complete outsourcing of a newspaper’s circulation division.

When contracted to assume management of the newspaper circulation division distribution responsibility, ANS will coordinate and supervise its daily distribution operation, including route creation and modification and supervision of the delivery team. As with comparable outsourcing initiatives that include administrative and human resources functions, ANS reduces operating costs and improves profitability through transforming what were variable costs to fixed ones.

Freed from circulation delivery issues, newspapers are better able to utilize existing resources on their editorial and reporting functions and in building advertising revenues and partnerships.

Technologies employed. Utilizing the latest Geo-Coding technology, ANS creates cost-efficient and effective routes, delivery tracking and full demographic data analysis and reporting. ANS uses independent photographic verification to track and verify deliveries and provides complete reporting of delivery status, including address-by-address time of delivery and a complete delivery history.

ANS Carrier Track® Technology
  • Track deliveries in real time.
  • Superior technical support.
  • Enhanced accuracy of deliveries.

ANS' proprietary Carrier Track® technology also provides subscribers with a more efficient way to communicate with the Circulation Division on topics such as invoicing or where to place the paper, such as inside the front door.

Overall, ANS cost savings allow newspapers to remain competitive from an operational standpoint and offer an enhanced delivery and customer service experience for their subscribers.

Total Market Coverage (TMC) Deliverables

ANS is the leader in converting TMC/non-subscriber deliveries from US Mail to "auditable" private carrier delivery, using our proprietary, state-of-the-art delivery verification program. Clients are able to lock in rates for specified periods, avoiding yearly postal service increases, as well as the cost of trucking deliverables to the post office on a weekly basis. ANS delivery helps newspaper mailroom improve their efficiency and reduce manpower needs.

These ANS Print Media Solutions take advantage of state-of-the-art demographic, route sequencing and delivery technologies and platforms developed through our Agile Geo Data (AGD) division. AGD helps ANS employ advanced logistics that saves time and money, while improving route efficiencies and customer service. Visit Agile Geo Data